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Re: how do I deal with soil type Sf

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I think it is a little more complicated than that.  You should use an
acceleration value that is the largest within
a range of periods near the calculated period.  It may be the peak

Refer to 1631.5 (1997 UBC).  You have to use a least 90% of what you would
get using section 1630.2.

You still need to include the importance factor.

You also need to check the equivalent of Equation (30-6).

Read Section 1631- Dynamic Procedures and look at Figure 16-3 for more

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Subject:  how do I deal with soil type Sf


My name is Gary Becker and I am a member of SEAO, I  would like to get your
opinion on the following situation.  I have a job  going to San Leandro,

    Soil type Sf
   I have been given a site-specific acceleration  response spectrum from a
   I will be designing a steel braced frame, regular  structure, period
   less than 0.7 sec, I plan to do a static  analysis.

I plan to calculate a base shear coefficient by  calculating the period
using method A UBC, use that period to get the  corresponding spectral
acceleration from the geotech report and divide that  number by R.  Does
this meet the code requirements? I would like to  know how to interpret the
code for this issue and where would I find texts or  references relating to
similar situations.

Thank you,

Gary A. Becker

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