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Re: Q: Short Circuit Transfer for GMAW

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 The following is a quote from another engineer who researched the same
question for our design group.  "AWS D1.1 limits the use of short circuit
welding to very thin material (say less than 3/16" thick).  Short circuit
welding is not really appropriate formost structural type welding."

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Subject:  Q: Short Circuit Transfer for GMAW

I am  reviewing a set of notes on an existing structural drawing (I like to
look at  what other engineers have felt were important to include in the
general notes. I  nearly always learn something).

I have  come across one that has me puzzled: "Short circuit transfer for
the Gas Metal  Arc Welding process is not permitted."

Now,  I'm no expert on the GMAW method, but I thought this was just one of
two or  three GMAW methods that are commonly used. Can anyone tell me why
it should be  excluded from consideration? A perusal of the AWS Handbook on
this topic told me  nothing that I could possibly construe as a problem
with this particular GMAW  method.

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