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Juan Jose,

Based on what has been posted, have you by now come to the conclusion that 
there is no "standard practice" in the U. S., and whatever practice that may 
or may not exist in any location is defended and opposed vehemently by the 
people in either, both, or neither location?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Juan Jose, not knowing what he was starting, innocently asked: <G>

. > Dear Fellowes:

. > I was wondering if there is any standard practice in the United States 
. > for a design document. Let me explain it better. Here in Mexico, the 
. > structural engineer must deliver a "memoria de cálculo" that would 
. > translate something like calculation proceedings or design proceedings.

. > Here, a structural engineer delivers that document besides the structural 
. > drawings. Here we do not have a standard practice for that and everyone 
. > makes it the way they please.

. > I would like to know if there's a document on the web or a book that 
. > explains me the creation and requirements of this document in the US. I 
. > don't know if you would like to or if it is permited, but if any of you 
. > could send me an example of how you work (maybe in a PDF) I would really 
. > appreciate it.

. > Thanks in advance,

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