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RE: OSHA 4-Bolt Column Requirements and Pre-Engineered Buildings

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It almost appears that their products are specifically required to comply, regardless of load.     
I am looking at:

Sec. 1926.758 Pre-engineered metal buildings.

(b) Each column shall be anchored by a minimum of 4 anchor bolts.

I haven't gone through it far enough to know if there are caveats to this or not.  It is quite a long and unusable document.  I just happening to be answering a related question for a plan check, and ran across what may be the answer to your question. 
Paul Crocker, P.E. 
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Subject: OSHA 4-Bolt Column Requirements and Pre-Engineered Buildings

Has any one determined how the new OSHA 4-bolt requirement for column anchoring (Federal Register 63:43451-43513) will be applicable to the metal building industry?   Specifically for the primary frames?  Historically, most of these buildings, at least the small to mid-size ones, have a two bolt anchorage, with a light baseplate.
It appears that the MBMA was represented in the proceedings, but I cannot readily see where their products are exempted.
Thank you
Mark D. Anderson  PE
Anchorage, AK