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RE: Bridge Bent Cap Design Programs

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Subject: Re: Bridge Bent Cap Design Programs

I'm thinking out loud, here, and would still appreciate input from all of you bridge engineers out there.  I'm a young engineer who's been put in charge of starting up a structural design group at my company (starting small, obviously).  I'm still struggling with all the overwhelming choices of software out there.
Nora, I'm afraid the "gee, I want to get a program but it's expensive" complaint is pointless. I'm a one-man firm, started up just a little over a year ago, and still fighting for survival. But I had to lay out several thousands of dollars for design programs. It's just the cost of doing business.
You can continue with CAP18 if you'd rather, but you'll soon find that all the additional work you're going to have to do to get meaningful results from that program--not to mention just fun with formatting input--is soon going to eat up any "cost savings" you thought you had by not buying a state of the art software solution.
Take it from one who knows, from experience.

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