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Re: how do I deal with soil type Sf

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Dear Gary:
SEAOSC sells the seismic design manual Volume I, II & III.  You can order directly from ICBO at 800-423-6587.
Ed Latthitham S.E.
Ventura, CA

Gary Becker wrote:

Gentlemen, My name is Gary Becker and I am a member of SEAO, I would like to get your opinion on the following situation.  I have a job going to San Leandro, California:
  •  Soil type Sf
  • I have been given a site-specific acceleration response spectrum from a geotech.
  • I will be designing a steel braced frame, regular structure, period less than 0.7 sec, I plan to do a static analysis.
I plan to calculate a base shear coefficient by calculating the period using method A UBC, use that period to get the corresponding spectral acceleration from the geotech report and divide that number by R.  Does this meet the code requirements? I would like to know how to interpret the code for this issue and where would I find texts or references relating to similar situations. Thank you, Gary A. Becker