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Fees for Design-Build Shell-only multi-story Steel Moment Frame B uildings

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This is somewhat a loaded question, I know, but I've got to start somewhere!

1.  Four to 5 story steel frame moment frame office use building
2.  Spread footing foundation system/ no basement
3.  L-Shaped building

1.  What is the typical fee range for structural engineering for this type
of project where the scope includes schematic design phase,
Design-Development, Construction Docs, Bid, and Construction Admin?
2.  If the fees are based on a percentage of construction cost, does the
cost of construction include the cost as if the building was fully developed
with Tenant Improvements (though we wouldn't have much of any role in that
3.  How does detailing the metal stud exterior affect the fee range vs.
leaving the exterior envelope to the contractor to design/fabricate?
4.  Is there a point at which economies of scale enter the picture and
effect the fee. and if so, what are some of those parameters?



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