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>link to an interesting U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth
Very interesting, since I'm in the same boat with the ASME Pressure 
Vessel Code. The dissent was well written. I also question the Court's 
finding that somehow non-rofit private sector organizations are more 
competent to write bulding and boiler codes than state oraganizations. 
The ASME Code is a volunteer effort anyway-- The committee members are 
made up of government officials involved in administering pressure vessel 
laws, academics and people from the pressure vessel industry such as 
manufacturers, users, materials suppliers. All the ASME Code does is 
administer the Code publication and furnish a venue for committee 
meetings. I can't see why this should work any less effectively with the 
government overseeing publication.

Keeping this effort free of political concerns might be a tough job 
because all the private-sector groups with an ax to grind would want to 
make sure their favorite ox wasn't gored, but this could probably be 
handled the same way it is now by making sure that enough checks and 
balances exist to keep, say, manufacturers, from dominating jurisdictions 
to producing what amounts to a sweetheart contract. Likewise 
jurisdictions have enough say-so to keep (generally) academia from 
turning the thing into a fog-bound research treatise. So it works out.

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