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RE: Interesting Link

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When a model code is adopted by a jursidiction, it becomes law, and
therefore a matter of "public record." But the code bodies insist that they
hold the copyright. So that means in essence, at least according to the U.S.
Fifth Circuit, that you cannot, without permission from the copyright
holder, publish a "public law" if it comes from such a source.

I admit it puzzles me.

The fact is, as we've discussed ad nauseum on this list, these sorts of
organizations--whether SBCCI, ICBO, ASME, whatever--tend to grow from being
the "servant" into being the "master".

OTOH, writing and maintaining code documents cost money. But how much is
adequate? How much of this is donated labor? How much goes into "programs"
of the organization that take on a life of their own, not necessarily within
the ken of the "sponsors"?

This thing is curiouser and curiouser.

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> Very interesting, since I'm in the same boat with the ASME Pressure
> Vessel Code....

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