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RE: ACI 318 -Construction Joint

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I don't think you have to "evaluate the integrity" if it is, as you say, a "mandatory requirement." If the contractor locates the construction joint in the wrong place, then he goofed, as simple as that.

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Subject: ACI 318 -Construction Joint

Hello everyone
ACI 318-99 Code 6.4.4 described for construction joint as follows;
" Construction joints in floors shall be located within the middle third of spans
  of slabs, beams, amd girders."
1. Code dose not provide any exception for this requirements?
   ("shall be" - mandatory requirements)
2. If construction joint  was not located within the middile third of spans
  of slabs, beams, and girders, how can I evaluate the structural
  integrity and acceptance of construction joint location ?
Thanks in advance,
Yangsoo Kim