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RE: Low Concrete Quality...Metric Units

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> Subject: RE: Low Concrete Quality...Metric Units
> Just to add a few points regarding the metric system from my
> perspective. A kg is a unit of mass while a Newton is a unit of force
> representing 1 kg x 9.81 metre/sec2 (9.81 being gravitational
> acceleration, not 1).  Thus, 1 kg mass weighs 9.81N, at least on Earth.

I had a debate with an old-timer colleague of mine, who insisted that a job
we were doing in SI units, which required a bill of materials on each
drawing for concrete, steel, reinforcing, etc., should have shown the amount
of steel in "Kilonewtons" instead of "Kilograms" as I had done.

I tried to help him see that in the SI system you separate the concepts of
"mass" from that of "force due to gravitational constant" but he was
insistent. We finally gave up and agreed to disagree.

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