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Q: "Components and Cladding" Load on Ledger Angle Fastener

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I'd like some opinions.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a little Mathcad template that I'm
using to verify the designs of ledger angles used as collector elements for
roof diaphragm shear transfer to the wall. I compute all the various load
combinations that I can think of including wind load, and come up with a
load on each fastener depending on spacing.

It occurs to me, that there is the possibility of simultaneous tension and
shear on the fastener if you consider the wind load acting outward on
opposite walls, but since this is a fastener (a "component") I'm not sure
how I would compute this. Such a load is transferred into the fastener by
simultaneous loading of the roof and wall, and that's really not the
philosophy behind "components and cladding." The C&C loads are not given a
"sense" (plus or minus) as they are for MWFRS.

I'd like to know how any of you handle this in your calculations (yes, I'm
making calculations EVEN THOUGH I don't have to submit them to the Code
official! Imagine that!)


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