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Shoring Responsibility

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Morning all;

What is the responsibility of the engineer and the contractor for
shoring (design-bid-build job).  I have a school that we are removing an
existing loadbearing wall.  Bar joists currently bear on the wall and
the wall will be replaced with a post and beam system.  The issue of the
shoring has come up and we are trying to decide if that is the
contractors responsibility, our responsibility or both.  As I do not
know the contractors method for installation and other important items I
would say that how he shores it is up to him.  The contractor has
indicated that it is our responsibility to provide him with locations
and the loads (I did not have this conversation with him, another
engineer in our office did) and then he will design the shoring.  Is
this correct?  I have never heard of this before (only been in this
business for 7 years).  I have done shoring but only when directly hired
by the contractor.  Anytime it is part of a bid job we say to shore the
structure.  Anyplace that I can find more out about this?


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