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FW: How's Your Computer?

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"obsolete: _adj_ 1 a:  no longer in use or no longer useful"  [Webster's 
Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary]

If the computer is being used and is useful, then it is not "obsolete."

I have 3 computers (4 if you consider one that is comatose); a Gateway 
(originally 486/33 MHz) 586/133 MHz, 8MB RAM, with 540 MB HD running MSDOS 
5.0; a Gateway P75, 40 MB RAM, 840 MB HD running MSDOS and WFWG 3.1; a UMAX 
AMD K6-2/300 MHz Laptop with 32(?) MB RAM and a 3.1 GB HD with the HD 
partitioned for 3 OSes, DRDOS 7, Linux, and W98.  The 586/133 is my 
workhorse; the one on which I do all my drafting, word processing, database 
work, etc.  The laptop I use only when I am *forced* to use Windoze and when 
I travel.  The P75 was obtained when my office was burglarized and my "admin" 
computer was stolen.

Oh, the comatose computer is a Leading Edge, model D (XT model) that has an 
Intel Inboard PC/386 board installed.  It is comatose because the HD 
controller board went out and as soon as I "get a round tuit" I will install 
an 8-bit IDE controller board (which I have) and a 200 MB HD which will 
resuscitate it and bring it back into useful service.

Now, if you are the type of person that needs a new car whenever the new car 
smell goes away, then you will not be satisfied with usefulness, but whether 
you have the "latest, fanciest, and (dubiously) greatest."

By the way, my "car" is a 1984 Nissan pickup with 188,000 miles on it and 
only recently has started giving me some problems (alternator problems).  The 
finish is "perfect" as I keep it protected with a nice even coat of dirt.

So, Eric, you are not far "behind the curve" but near the cusp, continuing to 
be productive with productive tools; tools that are serving you well and with 
which you are familiar.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

P.S.  I also have two slide rules (K&E Log Log Duplex Decitrig) in my desk, a 
6-inch and 12-inch.  It will probably take me a while, however, to regain 
proficiency using them.

Eric Gillham wrote:

. > And I thought I was behind the curve!  I'm sitting in front of a PII 450
. > (Dell XPS) running WIN98 2nd Ed.

. > It's been my experience that it is fairly common for smaller firms (my 
. > firm totals only 14 employees, including the receptionist and 
. > accountant)that I work with to stay with older computers.  However, in 
. > our firm, we range from P133 Dells through PII 200's, 400's and finally 
. > mine at the "top" blazing along at 450Mhz.

. > I tried to convince my boss that when Dell stops putting ALL our computers
. > in their catalog, then it is time to upgrade, but haven't been successful
. > just yet.

. > As a side note, I would probably opt for component upgrades before I turn 
. > in the CPU - a nice 21" Trinitron monitor, better video card or even more
. > memory seems to net more of a benefit for me.  But, like you, I would
. > certainly like to have a faster processor.

. > For what it is worth.

. > T. Eric Gillham PE

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. > Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 9:42 PM
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. > Subject: Q: How's Your Computer?

. > I'm sitting here doing my "Stuff" on my trusty old 400 MHz Celeron PC with
. > 256MB of RAM and Windows 2000, and thinking about how my computer is, in
. > industry terms, "obsolete." Yet being a budget-conscious entrepeneur as I
. > am, I have no plans to replace it in the near future.

. > I'm wondering: Am I the exception, or the rule? Is it common among us,
. > especially those who pay for our own iron, to hang on to these boxes long
. > after the computer industry tells us they're obsolete? For myself, I 
. > really have no problems with the speed of my comuter--but if I suddenly 
. > had a 1.5 GHz Athlon system plopped down in front of me, I may wonder why 
. > I never upgraded!

. > I'd just be interested in some opinions.

. > William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
. > Polhemus Engineering Company
. > Katy, Texas
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