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Re: Shoring Responsibility

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You don't have control over the contractor's operations.  If you *dictate*
the shoring design, it opens the owner up for extras.

I will design the contractor's shoring, but he has to hire me to do it.  I
will coordinate with him on the method he would like to use, and we will
agree on an acceptable design.

You *did* say design-build.  If you're working for the contractor in a
direct-bill basis, I'd say it's okay, but you still need to coordinate
closely with him.  If you're hard-money, it's a contractor function -- He
has to pay someone to design the shoring, in either case.

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> From: Michael Zaitz <mzaitz(--nospam--at)>
> To: Structural Engineers Association <seaint(--nospam--at)>
> Subject: Shoring Responsibility
> Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 6:53 AM
> Morning all;
> What is the responsibility of the engineer and the contractor for
> shoring (design-bid-build job).  I have a school that we are removing an
> existing loadbearing wall.  Bar joists currently bear on the wall and
> the wall will be replaced with a post and beam system.  The issue of the
> shoring has come up and we are trying to decide if that is the
> contractors responsibility, our responsibility or both.  As I do not
> know the contractors method for installation and other important items I
> would say that how he shores it is up to him.  The contractor has
> indicated that it is our responsibility to provide him with locations
> and the loads (I did not have this conversation with him, another
> engineer in our office did) and then he will design the shoring.  Is
> this correct?  I have never heard of this before (only been in this
> business for 7 years).  I have done shoring but only when directly hired
> by the contractor.  Anytime it is part of a bid job we say to shore the
> structure.  Anyplace that I can find more out about this?
> Mike

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