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Re: How's Your Computer?

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What are you, some kind of computer snob?  ;-)

My base machine is a 133 Mhz machine with 32 meg of ram.  I'm still running
Windows 95.  It runs everything I have, including CAD.  I confess my
Microsoft Office Pro package is old, and I often have to ask people to
e-mail me in a *much earlier* version document or spreadsheet, but it
hasn't been a problem.  I use a 17" monitor, because I couldn't swing for a
larger one.

I just went *uptown* and bought a used laptop, (IBM Thinkpad 760XL, 166
Mhz, 42 meg ram) that gives me some mobility.  I loaded Intellicad 2000 on
it ($19.99 from Circuit City -- ACAD compatible, thru 2000).  It had
Microsoft Office Pro on it.  It does what I need, and if someone steals it
when I'm out in the field, I'm not out the big bux.  The 12.1" monitor is
marginal...  So be it.

Now...  If I had plenty of money, there are lots of things I could do... 


Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32561

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