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RE: Shoring Responsibility

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The contractor is wrong. What he wants is for you to take responsibility for
the design, without paying you, so he can just have a Symonds vendor (or
equal) give him something off the shelf.

I'm not there, but I would bet a side of Texas beef to your native
foodstuffs, that this is exactly what's going on.

Contractors and low-end architects have learned that they must manipulate in
order to get your services for free. I'll bet you ANYTHING you want to name
that he is or will soon be whining to the school district's P.M. about this,
trying to get him on your side.

The Contractor knows that he is supposed to pay for this. This is the
wonderful thing about low-bid contracting, BTW. The "successful" contractor
low-balls the bid, then makes everyone's life miserable as he tries to
finagle every way he can to wring cost savings out of the job.

I can sympathize, but tell him you're not playing that game today.

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Katy, Texas
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