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RE: Shoring Responsibility

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> And don't overlook *liability* issues.

That's my point exactly.

Even giving the contractor the end-reactions--as reasonable as that might
appear--can potentially mean trouble.

For example: Suppose the Contractor puts up shoring based on those
reactions, and the shoring collapses for any of a number of reasons
completely unrelated to the intensity of the loading. One or more workers
are injured.

Now what is your liability in that case? Did you not participate in the
selection of the shoring system to some degree? I submit that a jury can be
persuaded that this is so.

Perhaps you will get off the hook by testifying under oath that the
information you gave the Contractor--the joist reactions--was correct, and
that you did nothing else to select the shoring system. But how much fun
will that whole process be? I'm not saying you SHOULDN'T help the Contractor
out, but where we incur liability we have a right and a responsibility to
make sure we are compensated for our risk.

Just a word of caution. Remember no good deed goes unpunished.

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