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FW: Low Concrete Quality

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Thank you for your suggestions, and I take advantage to make another

> How can we be sure about what percentage of Silica Fume should be used in
> order to achieve all these wonderful benefits? ACI mentions ranges up to
> 20 % but in this case contractor used between 8-10 %. Is it good enough?
> In addition to this, we met with the contractor and they accepted to give
> a warranty to the client for the life of the building (25 years) but we
> request some tests to support this document. A load test and a
> "petrography" were suggested. In this last test 2 core samples will be
> taken, one from a "bad" pedestal and one from a "good" location. These
> samples will be analyzed by an independent laboratory to identify and
> compare mix compositions (including Silica Fume %) and other properties
> (permeability, porosity, water absorption and Abrasion-Erosion
> resistance). 
Thks again.

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