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Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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Well, trying to keep the topic on track (oops, that could lead to a
discussion of model railroading!) I was wondering if anyone knew how to
solve the problem of system migration?

By that I mean: Say you have your system all set up, all the data, all the
software, etc., but you want to move either to a new, larger hard drive, or
to a completely new computer.

How would you go about doing that and making sure that your system still

Now, I suppose I could use Drive Image to do the former, although I've never
really tried it. I believe it will allow you to put a complete image of your
current system on a second drive, even though the partition size on the new
drive might be larger, even MUCH larger. If anyone can verify this, let me
know (I have an old version of Drive Image, but I think it doesn't handle
things like NTFS).

But what about going to another system? If you're using Linux, where
everything is on the file system, it can be done, but now with Windows. If
you tried to "image" your original drive onto the new system's drive, you'll
have an operating configuration that won't match the new machine.

In other words, what if you want to get ALL the non-OS-specific data,
including program files, onto the new system, and have it work EXACTLY like
the old system at least on the face of it? Same desktop, same path-names,
etc., but new machine/larger drive.

I don't know or haven't figured out a way to do that, but as I begin to
contemplate upgrading my system (probably through a motherboard replacement)
I would like to know how to solve this problem.

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Katy, Texas
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