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RE: Metal Building Details

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I think the mentioned book by Morton Newman has details for multiple story
buildings and nothing for gable roof buildings used as commercial or
industrial buildings (PEMBs). I don't think that book will get you in the
ballpark at all, so save your money.

There's another McGraw Hill publication by Alexander Newman called Metal
Building Systems. That might help a little bit more although is not a
detailing book.

Good luck in your search,

Francisco Diego

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From: Effland, Greg [mailto:geeffland(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: Metal Building Details

It has been a while since I last looked at the Newman book you had referred
to re: metal buildings.  Seems like it had a lot of general details from
various PEMB manufacturers.  That is probably your best bet if you want
general details to see how a situation might be handled.

Again I would have to say contact with the individual MB company on a per
job basis might be your best alternative if you need to know the exact
detail.  Many manufactures may have proprietary details or parts for many of
the areas you mentioned below and they tend to reuse them for various jobs.
There are not many standard *industry* details for most of them.

The variances are just too wide to give a detail for XX situation unless you
talk to the PEMB company directly.  If you are just looking to get in the
ballpark for some architectural drawings then the Details book you mentioned
may get you into the ballpark.

Hope this helps,
Greg Effland, P.E.

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Subject: Re: Metal Building Details

I totally agree with you Valerie but Mr. Effland from Butler thinks they
might. Does anyone know the book Structural Details for Steel Construction
by Morton Newman (1996 McGraw Hill)?

That is exactly what I'm looking for but for tapered member rigid frames,
steel trusses, purlins, girts, struts, connections, wind rods, tie rods,
base plates, stiffeners, bracings, roof and wall panels, gutters,
downspouts, etc. All these for the so called "pre-engineered buildings".

I don't mean to know the secrets of a manufacturer, just the very general
situations like those in the book I mentioned.

Any suggestions?



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