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Re: Welding specification

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>I'm looking for typical welding specifications that
>should be found in structural plans. Is there any link
>or online resources?
You might want to be real, real careful with this. 

First, your fabricator probably has his own ideas, based on his own 
facility and experience, on how to make the welds. You're letting 
yourself in for a lot of hassle if you start going around with a 
fabricator in an area where he knows the language. If you know exactly 
what's needed, put it down. If you don't, then get help.

Second welding specifications are very detailed, involving weld sizes, QA 
requirements, processes and procedures and consumables. Too many 
variables for anything to be typical.

Third, don't try to go generic on welding specs. Anything you leave 
unsaid is a perfect Murphy's Law target. Specify what you expect to have 
when the welding is finished in terms of the proof you need that you've 
got it. If you don't know how to do this find a welding engineer with 
shop experience who does. 

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