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Re: Calculation submittals

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The way I see it the Hyatt Regency Collapse has determined that the
responsibility of the connections is the EOR's.  I have done connection
calculations on projects that were required to be done by the contractor
and sealed by a PE (we were hired by the fabricator to provide the
design).  This is a way to put the responsibility of the connections on
the contractor.  However until a ruling is handed on this matter I do
not think that this method would transfer the liability from the EOR.  I
typically design my connections and detail them on the drawings (keep in
mind we have not done any large jobs either).


"Scott A. Dunham, PE" wrote:

> "1.6 CONNECTION DESIGN      1. Transmit to the engineer, at his
> request, one copy of the calculations for all of the connections. The
> responsibility to provide appropriate connections in terms of
> dimensions, capacities and general layout remains that of the
> Contractor regardless of any indication to the contrary which may be
> contained in the afore-mentioned reference standards."  The preceding
> was taken from a steel detailing list.  In light of the past weeks
> discussions concerning the EOR's responsibilities and submission of
> calculations, I'd be interested in comments concerning this clause
> taken from someone's steel specs. Scott A. Dunham, PE
> Dunham Engineering Services
> Dothan, AL
> 334-678-6948

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