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Re: Point Load on Plywood Flooring

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Greetings and Salutations:
I have an upcoming project, (residential), with a conventional floor framing system.  The owners have a 700 pound piano supported with three small legs.  The floor framing system will consist of hardwood flooring over 3/4" plywood, (or equivalent), supported by 2x12 floor joists.  As we can not control the location of the point load, how can we support the concentrated load of the piano leg? 
In the cases, we had limited allowances for movement due to the room shape and blocking was added to resist the concentrated loads.  With this project, the piano may be anywhere on the first floor.
Any thoughts, suggestions, directions will be greatly appreciated.

Bobby Jenkins, P.E.
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I"ll admit I haven't missed any meals, but your piano legs aren't any heavier than me on one foot and that floor will hold me up just fine.
Have you had problems with this kind of loading before? 
I don't do wood framing and would have assumed this wasn't a structural problem but rather cosmetic because those little casters will certainly mar the hardwood floor finish.
Doubling up the plywood as if it were to support a tile floor and needed more stiffness sounds like cheap insurance to me.
( My 250 pounds worth. )