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Re: VB for Applications

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Dear Joseph

I started to use VBA in Excel 5.0 since 1995. During that time, there is not
too much reference books for me to get enough useful information. The best
way for me to learn programming skill is from help files or recorded marco
by Excel. You can earily understand how excel handle the objects and the
syntax to use them.
In fact, during these recent years, VBA marco already adopted by many
different sotfware, such as ACAD2000. You can copy your Excel macro to
ACAD2000 without too much modificaions. Such as, I wrote a marco which can
ready Sap2000 eko file into memory to calculate the structural quantity. I
can also use the same macro in ACAD2000 to read the eko file getting the
geometry of model and plot real 3D model in ACAD2000 DWG file.
There is a lot of benefit to use VBA, especially you can call the API
function of Windows system. Maybe someday, you would like to make your VBA
macro into EXE file, with necessary modifications(not too much) you still
can do that through the Microsoft VB 6.xx. The MSDN library is another
useful information source to learn VB programming skill and there are a lot
of samples can be adopted by the Excel macro without any change.

I put one of my ACAD2000 VBA programs in the structuralist Visual Basic
(VBA) Discussion forum.


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