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RE: Point Load on Plywood Flooring

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My logic why I would not worry about a 700 pound piano.

Assume that at least one leg supports 300 pounds.  We would expect 3/4"
plywood to support a 300 pound person who will often stand of one leg, so
why should we be concerned about the same load from a piano.  If this 300
pound person had on high heels then the loading would be even worse.

Mark Gilligan


  I have an upcoming project, (residential), with a conventional floor =
framing system.  The owners have a 700 pound piano supported with three =
small legs.  The floor framing system will consist of hardwood flooring =
over 3/4" plywood, (or equivalent), supported by 2x12 floor joists.  As =
we can not control the location of the point load, how can we support =
the concentrated load of the piano leg? =20

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