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Re: Point Load on Plywood Flooring

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] I kept thinking that there was a 300# in a 3" disc provision in the code and finally had time to do some research.

I went to my old 82 UBC as it was my most highlighted & tabbed version, and I find a section that says all structural floor sheathing shall support a 300 # concentrated load applied by a loaded 3" or smaller disc. This was under 2516 h. and then it goes on to say that sheathing conforming to table 25R & 25S meets the above provisions. I don't see the same provisions in the 97 UBC, but the allowable span table for plywood appears to be the same... So I'd think the 300 pound provision would still be a safe one to use unless something to the contrary was found. I wouldn't specify a ply that barely meets the span and load specifics, but something with a higher PI , I'd feel comfortable with.

Steve P
Pasadena CA

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