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California's Rolling Blackouts

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Gerard Madden recently posted a message taking further potshots at President
Bush (I just love the sound of that) over California's current energy woes.
The reality is that California faces a long-term crisis because, over the
last 30 years or so, it has failed to build new power plants and has failed
to allow utilities to charge consumers the true cost of energy.  Venting on
this Listserv, or blame-game speeches by Governor Davis, won't do anything
whatsoever to solve the problem.  Only the construction of massive new power
plants and a return to market-based pricing will bring relief, in a decade
or two.

Until then, I offer an interim solution in the sprit that "knowledge is
power".  The paragraph that follows has been clipped from Fred Langa's
latest newsletter:

Fred: A valuable tool for Southern Californians is Guy
Campbell's "Blackout Alarm". This won't help generate power,
but for those of us in Southern California this will provide
some advance warning of rolling blackouts. Go to Guy
Campbell's page and download his "Blackout Alarm" program. I'm
in Law Enforcement and this information is vital for us in
deployment of resources. We get telephone calls from SCE prior
to a blackout, but I get earlier notice using Guy's tool. ---Kevin Piper

Now then, I'm going offline to enjoy my house with three big central air
conditioners (that run non-stop this time of year), my pool and two spas
that run around the clock just so I can hear the water, and my three
gas-guzzling SUVs.

PLEASE:  Let's not waste our collective time and precious electrons with a
hateful thread on this subject!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Energetic in Dallas

Power does not corrupt.  Fear corrupts,
perhaps the fear of a loss of power.
                     ... John Steinbeck

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