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Re: California's Rolling Blackouts

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As a former employee of the Enron Corporation, I'll keep my personal knowledge of the situation to myself.

All I'll say is that our two previous two-term Republican Governors did less than Davis and were in charge when this mess began with the Deregulation for Dummies plan. Supply and demand is a joke when the supply is being manipulated. Maybe you need some more work on your Tan, but out here, some elderly people suffer when their AC gets shut off or they can't pay there bill that has doubled or tripled through no fault of their own.

Potshot of president bush ... okay, need I go back to all of Clinton bashing by the Lone Star representatives on this list? 

Bill got his message out, he feels good. I am glad he is able to speak his mind ... However, he felt the need to post his entire editorial to this list without any background on the topic other than citing the article he was responding to. No context was given and we hear one side of the story.

I too feel there is a tremendous amount of waste in our government. I think it occurs in both political parties and it's unfortunate. SETI, STAR WARS, Camp David, 700 dollar hammers, want me to go on? I just can't wait for that huge check from the IRS thanks to GWB to arrive so I can go get Super Sized Big Mac once a month instead of the happy meal.

Enjoy the pool, AC, and the SUV - I ain't jealous one bit.


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