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RE: California's Rolling Blackouts

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> SETI, STAR WARS, Camp David, 700 dollar hammers,

FWIW, though I may agree with you on the remainder, "Star Wars" is actually
within the purview of the United States Constitution (the part about
"providing for the common defense"). And as you must know, all but the
proudest liberal cretins no attack SDI because it won't work--the concept is
already proven--but because they believe from the bottoms of their tiny
black hearts that it is a "bad thing" if the United States can defend itself
from nuclear attack when other countries can't.

They see the U.S. as part of the problem. That's THEIR problem.

And since you WILL go on about "energy", the fact is that my energy bills
have ALSO increased precipitously. The thing is, though, that we do have the
juice, it's just going to cost a bit more until the effects of deregulation
soak in.

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