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RE: California's Rolling Blackouts

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Bill P. wrote,

And since you WILL go on about "energy", the fact is that my energy bills
have ALSO increased precipitously. The thing is, though, that we do have the
juice, it's just going to cost a bit more until the effects of deregulation
soak in.>

Just because Stan is bored with the issue, I'll stop talking about power after this post (even when he replies in a counterstrike). By the way, is your definition of "a bit more"  a 100% increase? Try talking to some people in San Diego about their definition of "a bit more" of an increase.

Oh yeah, we have the food, computer hardware and movies. Should we stop sending them to Texas and start charging a BIT more so we can also gloat about wasting energy ala Stan? :>)  Yes, you got the juice, use it wisely.


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