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Re: KeyLat from KeyMark

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Well said. Model input is the hard part--we're talking dimensions to the
1/16" & if some header or beam is too short, the model crashes. The
documentation is poor and the output is mind-numbingly volumious.  The
program also has some quirky little bugs that cause it to sometimes
inexplicably refuse to accept model changes.  There can't be more than a
bare handful of people who can really run the program.
The good news is that the Simpson/Keybuild modeling service is not too busy
and Teddy Taylor is really excellent at modeling.  I just finished two jobs
using them (after swearing I'd never go near the program again) and must say
I was fairly pleased with the results. Under the right circumstances I'll
probably use them again.  The price is right but I don't think it's a
long-term solution to the lateral analysis problem.
Chuck Utzman

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