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California's Rolling Blackouts

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Reading all the discussion thats gone backwards and forwards on this subject
over the last few days I am amazed that more people in California, Texas etc
don't invest in solar panels. From all my visits there are very few days
when the sun doesn't shine and even then you have energy to spare even on a
cloudy day. They are even becoming more common here in England where the sun
has been known to peek out occasionally.
Here the cost of energy of all kinds has also risen. We have our own oil but
the price of gas is still around $5.60 per gallon and will, as the sun each
day in California, surely rise again. I don't want to jump on what is seen
as the current anti Bush European bandwagon but until you all decide to
reduce energy consumption, whether from your concern for global warming or
just to reduce your utility bills, this subject will run and run.

Michael Knight
Technical Support Manager
(E-mail: mknight(--nospam--at)
Lindapter International, Bradford, UK

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