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RE: Greed and Reward

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I agree with your last paragraph, but would have preferred if you had not posted your opinion. Please don't misunderstand, you are welcome to your opinion, but while you are telling everyone the list that is not an appropriate place to discuss the issue, you seek to get the last word in. This frustrates readers and perpetuates the discussion. I happen to be one who disagrees with you, but I don't care to get into a discussion - especially since we learned numerous times over the last several years how heated the discussions get.
When I was in business, I learned that there are two topics you don't ever discuss in mixed company; Politics and Religion. There are no answers and if there were, none of them will ever be accepted as the opposition is strong, and there will always be those who think otherwise. Most people are not willing to invest the time it takes to bring an idea to fruition. Furthermore, the majority are apathetic and simply don't care. With this type of odds against either side - the potential for success of any idea is extremely low.
There is one thing that we can agree - we agree that an engineering forum is not an appropriate place to discuss these issues. However, I'm sure there are others who disagree. 
Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Greed and Reward

There are only two things to consider when looking at the way society (and
people) react.

First: Everyone is greedy to a degree (Some more, some less) and it is greed
that motivates our society and makes this country the greatest in the world.

Second: Our economy and decisions of everyone is based on the principle that
"No one does anything without a reward".

The energy crisis will never be solved without coming to grips with the above
principles that govern nearly every thing in our society. With price caps (Be
them hard or soft) will only slow (or possibly stop) the development of new
energy sources (Be it new generator plants, or new sources of energy).

President Bush was correct in declaring the problems in California did not
warrant any response from the Federal government. Let the economy dictate and
the prices will rise to meet at a point where the supply will match the
demand. This was altered when California decided that there should be a free
market for wholesale electricity prices and a regulated market for the

The poor electricity user (you and me) don't want to pay the price for the
electricity that we "need" at a price that will motivate investors to
construct new facilities to generate electricity. So by our actions we will
eventually have no electricity for our "needs".

It is simply economics at play and we as engineers are not about to solve it
by cluttering up this list server with items that are not part of what this
list server is supposed to be about. Please leave economics to economists and
engineering to engineers.

John Ott