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RE: Greed and Reward

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> There will be always at least two sides replying to polemic issues.

Er, isn't that like saying "there'll always be two birds in a pair of


po·lem·ic (p&-'le-mik) n. 1 a : an aggressive attack on or refutation of the
opinions or principles
of another b : the art or practice of disputation or controversy -- usually
used in plural but sing. or plural in constr. 2 : an aggressive
controversialist : DISPUTANT

(Etymology: French polémique, from Middle French, from polemique
controversial, from Greek polemikos warlike, hostile, from polemos war;
perhaps akin to Greek pelemizein to shake, Old English ealfelo baleful Date:
1638 - po·lem·i·cist  /-'le-m&-sist/ noun)


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