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In regards to the standard practice discussion and the comparison/analogy
with doctors, doctors do not get plan checked, but engineers (in some
places) do.  As Dennis pointed out in his response to me, is that the plan
checkers protect the public, not us engineers.  Although we are not required
to go through as much up-front training as doctors, we carry a lot more
potential responsibility to the public than they.  As was pointed out to me
when I was back in school, civil engineers have done more for public health
than the medical profession by way of water and sewage treatment plants,
etc.  Structural engineers have a potential of taking out a lot more people
at a time than those in the medical profession.

My whole point in this is that we are better than doctors and that engineers
need to be paid more than them.  I will be starting a petition drive for a
minimum equitable salary for engineers nationwide and take it before
Congress.  Sorry, I can't stay serious for more than a paragraph at a time.
Actually, my point was just a self serving boost to our mutual self esteem.

Glenn C. Otto, P.E.
Virginia Beach, VA
"The opinions of the undersigned(oversigned) do not necessarily(hardly ever)
reflect those of the management."

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