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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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True, but they are NOTHING like issues with Windoze machines.

I have upgraded hard drives on Macs several times.  All I have had to do
is hook up both hard drives and do a direct copy.  The biggest key is to
make sure that the system software version on the drive is compatible with
the new machine.

It becomes more of a problem with Macs if you have specialize hardware
installed (i.e. a video card rather than the default video on the mother
board), but even then it generally is not a problem.

My biggest problem is that my Mac laptop does not have a SCSI connector,
so I cannot attach my "old" tape drive, CD-R/RW, or external hard drive to
it with out shelling out some $$ for a SCSI card or a SCSI to Firewire

Oppps, wait I forgot that in order to get my external hard drive to boot
"any" Mac, I had to "set" the system software for that drive to install
all the "enablers" for every current Mac.  But, then I could attach that
external hard drive to ANY Mac without any problems and boot from it.

On a non-Mac comment, shouldn't you be able to "pop" in the old hard drive
into the computer with the new system board and Windoze will recognize the
hardware?  Ain't Windoze supposed to be plug-and-play now a days?  Or am I
just naive?  I think the comment offered by someone about setting all the
drivers to "generic" drivers was rather good.  Do that, and then "ghost"
the drive, then switch to the specific required drives.

Regarding the $600 for an upgrade...actually you can upgrade to a G4
machine for less than $600...if you have the right type of machine.  You
can buy processor cards that will upgrade certain older Macs to a G4.  The
real point, however, is that comparing an mother board upgrade on a
Windoze machine to a buying a new G4 is like comparing lemons to Apples
(pun intended...with some tongue in cheek).  I will agree much more
readily that you can buy a comparable NEW Windoze machine for less than a
NEW G4.  But then that Windoze machine just ain't nearly as cool!! ;-)

Mac Zealot who also part-takes of the darkside considering he is typing
this message on a Windoze machine (Bad Scott!) <grin>
Ypsilanti, MI

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Lastly, I think you'd be looking at similar problems if you did upgrade,
> even with a Mac. I happen to know that hardware compatibility issues with
> Macintoshes are hardly nonexistent.

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