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I will reinforce Stan's point, if a little late (sorry, I was on
vacation...and I know some of you, according to your own posts, don't know
what this thing called a "vacation" is <grin>).

In Michigan, ALL residences under 3500 sq ft (if I recall the PE Act
correctly) DO NOT need to be sealed, thus they do not need to be
engineered.  This is contained in the Michigan PE Act.  And when I say
sealed, this means by either a PE or Architect (the PE act also happens
to the "arch" act).

While I don't KNOW the origin of this provision in the act, I suspect it
is there because of the home builder's association(s) in Michigan.  And I
suspect that the structural engineering community would have a tougher
time convincing the politicians in Michigan that your standard 1500 sq ft
home in Michigan should be sealed than convincing Bill P. that Windoze CE
devices are then next best thing to sliced bread and will take over the
PDA market! <grin>  We will be lucky if we can get the politicians to
require public schools to be built to a code (i.e. BOCA, UBC, SBC, IBC,
etc)!!!  [For those not aware, Michigan public schools are only required
to meet the NFPA fire code...NO, yes that is NO, structural
requirements...kind of scary considering this: where do you typically send
everyone when a natural disaster occurs? why the local school gym!]

Ypsilanti, MI

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> Us "guys" aren't "letting contractors do what they please".  We also aren't
> telling them what to do or what not to do.  When it comes to single family
> homes, engineers are simply not a part of the process.  Bill Polhemus
> already posted the applicable section of the law in Texas, and the laws in
> most other states are similar.  As a general rule, homebuilding lobbyists
> have been very successful in exempting single family homes from engineering
> practice acts in most states east of the Rockies.  Whether that is a good
> thing or a bad thing is a matter of perspective, but it is not likely to
> change any time soon.  To quote a famous former listserv member:  "Where are
> the bodies"?  Outside of tornados and floods, there aren't very many bodies.
> Certainly not enough to impress many legislators.  Also, as structural
> engineers, we very rarely design for tornados or floods.
> Stan, in Windy Dallas

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