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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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No, I have "investigated it," and it is true. It has something to do with a
limitation in the Logical Block Address capability of the system BIOS. It's
as if they only allocate so much space for sector/block addressing, and no
more. This is generally handled by a BIOS upgrade, and indeed, I have
flashed the BIOS one time before this, to upgrade it to the latest version.

But I have looked on the web page of the Taiwanese company that made my
Mainboard (ECS USA) and I already have the latest BIOS, which was last
updated two years ago! It's like they said "oh, well, on to bigger and
better things!" This is another reason why a name-brand motherboard is
probably a good idea (and I will make sure the next one is such).

IOW, if the manufacturer had cared enough, they would have made a BIOS
upgrade available to increase the limitation on the size of the drive that
the system will recognize, but they apparently don't.

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> Bill,
> That is interesting.
> I always thought that the drive size that could be used was more a matter
> of the OS limitations...

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