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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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Go get a DriveMax board from Promise (~$20.00).  It is a BIOS upgrade board 
that will permit you to use drives up to 128 GB.

Dalco has the boards in their general catalog.

BTW, if you partition the drive into 8.4GB partitions you should be able to 
use the drive.  

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Polhemus wrote:

. > Well, for all intents in purposes the point is now moot.

. > I bought the hard drive, and my attempts to install it have failed. The 
. > new drive is a 40GB Maxtor. Put it in, nothing happened, I fiddled and 
. > fooled, then read a bit, and finally came across some clues--not outright
. > information, but comments in passing.

. > My system apparently won't support a drive this size! I don't know what 
. > size it WILL support, but it won't do this one! (The docs said something 
. > about an 8.4GB barrier, but the drive it came with was 10GB, so that 
. > can't be it). All I know is the 40GB won't work, and there is no newer 
. > system bios available.

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