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RE: cast iron and aluminum compatiblilty

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I'm not sure about Aluminium to Cast Iron but I do know that the potential
difference between aluminium and galvanised steel is between 290 & 460. This
usually means that below a potential difference of 500 you need no special
protective measures particularly if the joint is dry. Unfortunately here in
the UK a dry joint does not occur too often so I would suggest you consider
at least painting if not the use of something more sophisticated.

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> Subject:	cast iron and aluminum compatiblilty
> I have been asked whether placing new aluminum framing on existing cast
> iron brackets will cause corrosion problems.  I don't deal with either
> material very often, but I do recall having to separate aluminum from
> galvanized steel in the past.  If I do have to separate them, would
> painting suffice or is something more elaborate required.  The aluminum
> framing is bleacher seating for a stadium.
> Thanks for your help.
> Ken
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