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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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--- Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Bill wrote,
> Here are three date/capacity comparisons for BIOS
> hard drive support:
> BIOS date prior to August 1994: May not support hard
> drives larger than
> 528 MB. 
> BIOS date prior to February 1996: May not support
> hard drives larger than
> 2.1 GB. 
> BIOS date prior to January 1998: May not support
> hard drives larger than
> 8.4 GB. 

In my Gateway computer (P133), bought in May 1996,I
was able to install a 20 GB HDD. This was'nt a breeze,
though. My knowledge base in computer came with my
tinkering with computers for personal use. Yes the
motherboard BIOS could not recognize anything more
than 2.1 GB. Western Digital HDD came with a software,
if I remember correctly, called EZ Drive. With the
installation of EZ Drive (and a BIOS upgrade available
form Gateway's web)I was able to install the 20GB HDD
and run the computer without any problems.


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