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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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Dennis Wish wrote:

. > However, most of these drives comes with Ontrack or similar low level
. > formatting that will overcome the maximum primary partition size of the 
. > drive.

After I sent my post about DriveMax, I realized that I didn't mention the 
software alternative to drive size limitations.  Disk Manager from OnTrack is 
probably the most successful software alternative and it (or some 
equivalent) comes with most hard drives.  DM came with a 540 MB hard drive 
that I bought a number of years ago and it works so unobtrusively that you 
might tend to forget that it is there.  (IIRC, right after I came on the 
list, Bill Allen reported this occurred when he upgraded his computer, and it 
was more than a week before he remembered that it was there and was the cause 
of the problem.)  However, the version of DM that comes with a HD is 
manufacturer specific in that it "looks" to make sure that the HD is 
manufactured by the same company that provided the copy of DM.

I think that if you go to the HD manufacturer's web site you can download 
free versions of the software to permit using large HD partitions.

The software, however, does not upgrade your BIOS to accept larger hard 
drives, but does some manipulations so that the computer can read the sectors 
above the BIOS limitation.

A. Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

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