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Re: Greed and Reward

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That sir is my motivation,  to love and cherish and support my family.

Call me a cynic, but I have a hard time believing that you have never worked just a little bit harder/longer, or invested your money in something, in order to get a little bit larger car than you need, or a little bit larger house than you need, or to buy your child a few more toys that he or she needs, or to get your wife something special that she doesn't need. Greed doesn't mean lighting your cigars with $100 bills, it means aiming for excess. Most Americans are greedy to some extent. Just because you are doing it for your family doesn't give you a pass on the topic. Unless you are truly living hand to mouth (and that is very, very rare in this country) it seems a little hyprocritical to complain too much about the greed you see in others.


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