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RE: Imperial Units

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Imperial Units ... essentially US Customary units, lbs, ft, inches, etc.  You will see references to Metric and Imperial units specifically in Canadian or other foreign (to the US) documents.  Imperial refers to the old system used in the UK.  A quick search on the WWW will reveal a few "calculators" to translate from one to the other...  But essentially I would take the spec as meaning the US customary units are acceptable/required.
Greg Effland, P.E.
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Subject: Imperial Units

A client's specifications require the design of the project to be in imperial units. 
Is this a system of measurement?  What are its length/weight/force units?
This is a project that involves brickwork, and I seem to recall that there was a manufacturer of bricks that had  bricks of a special size and shape that were called imperial bricks -- I suppose these specs could be referring to brick units.  But the existing bricks are commons, and the context seems to give imperial a meaning that is more probably related to a system of measurement.
Nels Roselund
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