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FW: Weak Axis Bending of Rolled Channel ASD

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For a compact channel bent about it's weak axis, LT buckling is not a limit
state.  Yielding is the only limit state and the LRFD value is phi*Mp
(<1.5My).  This is the same as for a braced compact section bent about it's
strong axis.  What the ASD value is might be infered from the preceeding.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR

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Subject: Weak Axis Bending of Rolled Channel ASD

Does anyone know how you can justify Fb=0.75Fy for weak axis bending of a
rolled channel?  Section F2.1 specifically to my knowledge cover doubly
symmetrical I & H shape and solid bars, not channels.   Any ideas?


Les Rhinehart
VITOK Engineers, Inc.
Louisville, KY

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