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RE: Imperial Units

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As far as I know the length, weight, and force are the same as the US.  The
only differences are the ton, and the gallon.
 1 US Gallon = 0.83267 Imperial Gallon
 1 Ton (US a.k.a. short) = 2000 pounds
 1 Ton (UK a.k.a. long) = 2240 pounds

 1 Spot of tea (UK) = 1 cup of tea (US) .... Just for fun.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Imperial Units
> A client's specifications require the design of the project to be in
> imperial units.  
> Is this a system of measurement?  What are its length/weight/force units?
> This is a project that involves brickwork, and I seem to recall that there
> was a manufacturer of bricks that had  bricks of a special size and shape
> that were called imperial bricks -- I suppose these specs could be
> referring to brick units.  But the existing bricks are commons, and the
> context seems to give imperial a meaning that is more probably related to
> a system of measurement.
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