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RE: Greed and Reward

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So this is your justification to allow and accept greed?  The gentleman
who is motivated by his desire to protect his family will do less harm
on society than those who believe that the the goal is to achieve the
greatest number possessions or amount of wealth in a lifetime.

Who said I am justifying greed? It is merely my observation that most people, like the original poster, give themselves and each other a free pass on anyting done "for the family". A big house in a better neighborhood is never for social status, it is for better schools. A bigger car is never for social status, it is safer for the kids. A big savings is never for its own sake, it is to make sure the kids can go to whatever college they want. A cozy retirement is never for the person's own sake, it is to avoid being a burden on the kids. The diamond earings are never a garrish display of wealth, they are a touching gift for the wife who's always wanted them. If you want to talk about greed, that's great, but please don't start out by giving yourself a free pass because all your loot is for your family. Almost everything I have accumulated and bought over the last 5 years has been "for the family", but I'm not applying for sainthood, and I don't think this gives me a pass to look down my nose at anyone else because I'm sure I could do more than I am doing for deserving people in need. When I want to talk about sainthood, I look at my mother-in-law who was widowed and who raised 12 kids by herself on the $11K a year she got from social security death benefits. She never complains because she had all she needed to raise them well. Let me tell you, when you meet someone like that you gain some perspective on what struggling to support your family really, and you lose sympathy for the person who gives themselves a free pass at greed because their big car and their fancy house are "for the family". And in the big picture, if you are living in the U.S., you probably live pretty well compared to most of the world.

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