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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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Contact Micro Firmware (1-800-767-5465 or for a BIOS 
upgrade.  They are the (an?) authorized supplier of upgrades for Phoenix 
BIOSes and, IIRC, Phoenix and Award have merged.  (Actually Phoenix bought 
Award.)  The BIOS upgrades they sell "save" the old BIOS information and if 
you are not satisfied with the operation of the new BIOS, you can reinstall 
the old BIOS and return the upgrade and they will *cheerfully* (really!) 
refund your purchase price.

Since Windoze requires DOS 7 in order to work, why can't you use your 
extensive DOS knowledge to get the software workaround to work?  Since Disk 
Manager is activated during the boot routine and before any operating system 
is loaded, I don't know why it would not work with Windoze or Linux, or any 
other PC OS.

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Polhemus wrote:

. > UPDATE: On the Maxtor website I discovered that the problem is with 'bug' 
. > in the Award BIOSes manufactured before 1999. Award came up with a fix, 
. > and sent it to all its customers (i.e. motherboard manufacturers), but of
. > course the motherboard manufacturers have to incorporate the fix into 
. > their custom BIOS updates.

. > The manufacturer of my board apparently opted not to do so.

. > BTW, the limitation in this case is 32GB. Now, if I were running DOS, or
. > Windows 3.1, or Windows 9x, the drive manufacturers have come up with a
. > workaround, a BIOS patch (similar to the ONTRACK product used by Conner
. > drives a few years ago, to workaround the half-gig problem in the old 
. > 486s). However, since I run Windows 2000, the fix won't work for me.

. > Ergo, I'm back to looking at purchasing a new motherboard.

. > The good part is, there is a "mom-and-pop" computer shop about two miles
. > from here, run by a nice young Taiwanese couple, and they sell name-brand
. > motherboards dirt-cheap. I can probably upgrade to a 1.2 GHz Athlon for
. > about $350, including 256 MB of 133MHz memory.

. > Not bad, IMO.

. > William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.

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