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RE: Q: Moving To A Larger Hard Drive

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I'm not sure if you can do this as a "user". I admit to not being an expert
on system BIOS, but it seems like you have too many motherboard-specific
parts in a BIOS just to upgrade 'generically.'

And Windows NT/2000 are not "Dos-based." They really are fully-fledged OSes
from the ground up, and work in a completely different way from Windows 9x.
The instructions given by the HD manufacturer (in this case Maxtor) are that
the runtime BIOS patches (e.g. OnTrack, EZ Drive) will NOT work with any
other than DOS-based systems, because the "advanced" OSes don't allow
exclusive control of low-level hardware control to programs outside the OS.

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> Bill,
> Contact Micro Firmware (1-800-767-5465 or for a BIOS
> upgrade.

> Since Windoze requires DOS 7 in order to work, why can't you use your
> extensive DOS knowledge to get the software workaround to work?
> Since Disk
> Manager is activated during the boot routine and before any
> operating system
> is loaded, I don't know why it would not work with Windoze or
> Linux, or any
> other PC OS.

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